Diamante C.V.C. “I don’t know what to do with it…”

Written the April 24, 2014 by jlbecerra | Category: White wine, General, Score: 3, Featured Post

Vino Blanco DiamanteName:Diamante Semi-Dulce

Price: 3,85 € in Cash Sojo

Origin: D.O.C. Rioja

Winery: Franco Españolas, S.A.

Score: low 3

… It is not to be drunk alone, but neither with an appetizer, or for lunch or dessert. Oh, yes, it has a place in most Christmas hampers. But it is poor and excessively sweet, and the only good thing about it is that it conceals everything. It has no character: it is simple and definitely not interesting. Ready for sentencing: its transformation is not enough, it is what it is, nothing but the number one Rioja white wine in sales in Spain!.

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4 Comments in this post

  1. Bacorro:

    Un Diamante (no) es para siempre http://bacorro.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/diamante.html

  2. Solorioja.com:

    Es una pena.. una gran bodega centenaria que podia ser………. y no ha sido…. se que hay cierta tendencia de cambio.. pero no se si es lo correcta que debería

    Un Saludo

  3. Boni:

    Para ser un fraude no está mal pero cualquiera puede hacerlo es verdad

  4. goriluis:

    de gusto fácil, aun que ha perdido aroma

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