Peñarrubia 2010 “Neither yellow, nor pale; neither fresh, nor fruity”

Written the July 11, 2011 by jlbecerra | Category: White wine, General, Score: 2

Catando PeñarrubiaName: Peñarrubia 2010

Price: 1,19 € in Carrefour Planet

Origin: D.O. Jumilla

Winery: San Isidro BSI

Score: 2

Considering its price, this wine has an honest and suggestive presentation, but that’s about it! According to my eye, the colour does not correspond with the vintage: it looks a bit rusty. No nose whatsoever: I can’t feel anything, it just does not “smell”! And if we bring it to serving temperature, even less. Lack of reminiscences in the mouth: let me better forget those that I perceive… At a higher temperature, it has a sulphurous finish. The minimum I ask of a wine is that it is nice as a whole, and this one is definitely unpleasant.

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  1. VINOCAJA12:

    Lo vi en Carrefour me llamo la atención su presentación y precio, pero al final no lo compre. Ahora me alegro, pues el sustituto que compre tampoco me gusto, pensaba comprar los dos.

    Fue tan malo el que compre que no me sirvió ni para casera blanca, del nombre ni me acuerdo, pero si lo veo lo reconozco.

    Gracias por este blog te deseo éxito

  2. Enrique Ortiz:

    Buenas tardes, pues yo lo he probado y no me parece malo, peores Los he tomado

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