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Tinto + Nature 2010. “This way I will end up drinking mineral water!”

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Written the May 29, 2013 by jlbecerra

Tinto más natureName: Tinto + Nature 2010

Price: 5,41 € in Alcampo

Origin: D.O. Penedés Read more

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Play Wines Blanco semidulce. “Too much marketing for nothing, it is pure nonsense…”

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Written the May 7, 2013 by jlbecerra

<Name:  Play Wines Blanco semidulce 2010

Price:  10,10 € + Portes en Vinissimus

Wine origin:  Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Read more

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Mosto of Chucena. “Not ‘mosto’, only fermenting wine”


Written the April 4, 2013 by jlbecerra

Mosto de CHucenaName: Mosto of Chucena

Price:  2,50 € en el pueblo

Wine origin: Chucena, Huelva Read more

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Tinto Hizan Crianza 2009 “Destructor”

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Written the March 6, 2013 by jlbecerra

Hizan Crianza 2009

Name: Hizan 2009

Price: 18,00 € in Casa Moral, Los Palacios

Wine origin: Ribera del Duero Read more

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Tinto Joven Sierra de Cazalla “Watch out: it might cause sudden death…”


Written the January 31, 2013 by jlbecerra

Sierra de Cazalla garrafa

Name: Sierra de Cazalla

Price:  3,25 € in Venta Los Álamos

Origin: Cazalla de la Sierra (in theory) Read more

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Tinto 1973 MCMLXXIII. “I still have nightmares”

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Written the January 21, 2013 by jlbecerra

Name: 1973 MCMLXXIII

Price: Desconocido, “Mal regalo”

Origin: Labastida R.E.: 3074BI Read more

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Prima Nova Espumoso. “Large bubbles”

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Written the January 16, 2013 by jlbecerra

Prima nova espumosoName: Prima Nova Vino Blanco Espumoso

Price: 2,99 € in Mercadona

Origin: Estivella (Valencia) Read more

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Vall de Juy Crianza 2006. “Terrible, but true”

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Written the November 28, 2012 by jlbecerra

Vall de Juy CrianzaName: Vall de Juy Crianza 2006

Price: 2,97 € in Alcampo

Origin: Penedés Read more

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Lagar de Salado 2010. “I thought it would be worse…”

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Written the November 16, 2012 by jlbecerra

Lagar de SaladoName: Lagar de Salado Tempranillo 2010

Price: 3,89 € in Alcampo

Origin: Umbrete, Sevilla Read more

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Vía de la Plata Tinto Roble. “What nonsense we have to put up with!”

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Written the November 14, 2012 by jlbecerra

vino tinto ruta de la plataName: Vía de la Plata 2010

Price: 4,16 € tienda online de la bodega

Origin: Extremadura Read more

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Pueblo Viejo 2008.”Kind of wishy-washy – or maybe just washy…”

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Written the September 28, 2012 by jlbecerra

Pueblo ViejoName: Pueblo Viejo 2008

Preice: 2,97 € en Makro

Origin: Rioja Read more

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Etcétera 2011 “The typical supermarket wine”

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Written the September 14, 2012 by jlbecerra

Name: Blanco Etcétera 2011

Price: 4,45 € at Supercor

Origin: Rueda Read more

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