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Carrizal Crianza 2011: ¡DECIDIDAMENTE NO¡


Written the August 24, 2015 by jlbecerra

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Fuente Victoria Tempranillo “Se merece una esquela”

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Written the June 16, 2015 by jlbecerra

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Play Wines Blanco semidulce. “Too much marketing for nothing, it is pure nonsense…”

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Written the May 7, 2013 by jlbecerra

<Name:  Play Wines Blanco semidulce 2010

Price:  10,10 € + Portes en Vinissimus

Wine origin:  Vino de la Tierra de Castilla Read more

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Mosto of Chucena. “Not ‘mosto’, only fermenting wine”


Written the April 4, 2013 by jlbecerra

Mosto de CHucenaName: Mosto of Chucena

Price:  2,50 € en el pueblo

Wine origin: Chucena, Huelva Read more

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Tinto 1973 MCMLXXIII. “I still have nightmares”

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Written the January 21, 2013 by jlbecerra

Name: 1973 MCMLXXIII

Price: Desconocido, “Mal regalo”

Origin: Labastida R.E.: 3074BI Read more

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Vía de la Plata Tinto Roble. “What nonsense we have to put up with!”

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Written the November 14, 2012 by jlbecerra

vino tinto ruta de la plataName: Vía de la Plata 2010

Price: 4,16 € tienda online de la bodega

Origin: Extremadura Read more

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Lambrusco Rosado “Ridiculous, but true”


Written the August 7, 2012 by jlbecerra

Lambrusco RIaltoName: Lambrusco Rosado Rialto

Price: 2,60 € at Tiendas Badía (Badía Stores)

Origin:  I.G.T. Lambrusco Read more

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Marqués de Eliche “It’s not wine, it’s a concoction!”


Written the June 15, 2012 by jlbecerra

Marqués de Eliche Blanco SecoName: Marqués de Eliche Blanco Seco

Price: 3,75 € at ‘La Alacena de San Eloy’

Origin: Villanueva del Ariscal (Sevilla) Read more

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Don Luciano 2010 “Another ‘best-selling wine in Spain’?”

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Written the May 8, 2012 by jlbecerra

Don LucianoName: Don Luciano 2010

Price: 1,25 € at DIA Market

Origin: D.O. La Mancha Read more

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Castillo San Simón 2010 “Perfect for rovers”

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Written the November 23, 2011 by jlbecerra

san simónName: Castillo San Simón 2010

Price: 1 € Also, at Cabello Bakery

Origin: D.O. Jumilla Read more

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Marqués de Rosiques 2010 “DOCa Rioja should not allow these wines into the market”

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Written the July 12, 2011 by jlbecerra

Marqués de RosiquesName: Marqués de Rosiques 2010

Price: 3,95 € in Carrefour Planet

Origin: D.O.C. Rioja Read more

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Enlace a Diario de Sevilla

Bad wine exist everywhere, we

only have to know where they

are so that we can avoid them

BAD WINE: A wine that, at a specific moment or after tasting a particular vintage, makes me wish not to buy it again, because of its quality, its faults or the fact that its price is excessively high if compared to other wines in the market.

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