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Armónico Reserva 2013 “No es criticar, por criticar”


Written the January 31, 2019 by jlbecerra

Precio de compra: 1,99€ en Mercadona

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(Español) Maset del Lleó 1777 “Ajústate el cinturón del precio”


Written the May 5, 2016 by jlbecerra

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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Señorío de Nevada Plata 2009 “¿Sin…?”

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Written the October 30, 2014 by jlbecerra

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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Don Ramón Roble 2012 “A gift for an enemy”

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Written the July 4, 2014 by jlbecerra

Don Ramón roble 2012Name: Don Ramón Roble 2012

Price: Less than 5 €

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Diamante C.V.C. “I don’t know what to do with it…”


Written the April 24, 2014 by jlbecerra

Vino Blanco DiamanteName:Diamante Semi-Dulce

Price: 3,85 € in Cash Sojo

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Blanco Albariño Alargo 2012. “Collateral effects (based on a true story)”

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Written the October 16, 2013 by jlbecerra

0894ec7bb21afd3c24152619aca9720bName: Alargo 2012

Price: 15 € in mercado del Arenal, Sevilla

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Prima Nova Espumoso. “Large bubbles”

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Written the January 16, 2013 by jlbecerra

Prima nova espumosoName: Prima Nova Vino Blanco Espumoso

Price: 2,99 € in Mercadona

Origin: Estivella (Valencia) Read more

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Vall de Juy Crianza 2006. “Terrible, but true”

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Written the November 28, 2012 by jlbecerra

Vall de Juy CrianzaName: Vall de Juy Crianza 2006

Price: 2,97 € in Alcampo

Origin: Penedés Read more

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Lagar de Salado 2010. “I thought it would be worse…”

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Written the November 16, 2012 by jlbecerra

Lagar de SaladoName: Lagar de Salado Tempranillo 2010

Price: 3,89 € in Alcampo

Origin: Umbrete, Sevilla Read more

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Deinhard 2010 “Why import wines like this?”

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Written the September 11, 2012 by jlbecerra

Name: Deinhard Pinot Noir 2010

Price: 4,58 € at Hipercor

Origin: Koblenz (Alemania) Read more

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Lagunilla Crianza 2009 “The wood conceals it all”


Written the July 4, 2012 by jlbecerra

lagunilla crianza 2009Name: Lagunilla Crianza 2009

Price: 4,50 € at Supersol

Origin: Rioja Calificada Read more

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Cune Crianza 2008 “Confirmed decadence”

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Written the June 5, 2012 by jlbecerra

Cune RIojaName: Cune Crianza 2008

Price: 6 € at the chinese “Keli Keli”

Origin: D.O. Rioja Calificada Read more

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BAD WINE: A wine that, at a specific moment or after tasting a particular vintage, makes me wish not to buy it again, because of its quality, its faults or the fact that its price is excessively high if compared to other wines in the market.

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