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Gran Feudo Crianza 2007 “Ridiculous, but guarded like gold…”

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Written the December 26, 2012 by jlbecerra

Name: Gran Feudo Crianza 2007

Price: 4,25 € in Supermercados MAS

Origin: D.O. Navarra Read more

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Mioro Blanco Joven 2010 “The picture says it all”

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Written the March 16, 2012 by jlbecerra

Mioro Blanco Joven 2010Name: Mioro 2010

Price: 2,75 € at  MAS supermarket

Origin: D.O. Condado de Huelva Read more

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Bad wine exist everywhere, we

only have to know where they

are so that we can avoid them

BAD WINE: A wine that, at a specific moment or after tasting a particular vintage, makes me wish not to buy it again, because of its quality, its faults or the fact that its price is excessively high if compared to other wines in the market.

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